I have problem that no matter what I do block or ignore SPAMER BOT in chat I will still see his spam.

Those bots are just examples there is much more then those showed in screenshots.

I ignore and block always when I see spam bot but in last time I noticed that I still see text from bots I already ignored,when I click on their names I can see again ignore options and not unignore,somehow they get unignored.They are not different bots because if I check their profile I can see they are blocked from me but somehow they manage to get unignored and that's start to be very annoying coz they left Trade chat and now they are in my main chat of my country Serbia (Srbija) spaming every fking day.
You need to do something,make it detectble or give us options to report users on chat.

Please give some response to this,it getting out of control now when we can't even ignore them and report.