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Thread: [fixed]Cases of Attack Speed Inconsistently Referred To As Percentage

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    [fixed]Cases of Attack Speed Inconsistently Referred To As Percentage

    There are many cases left in the game's tooltips where attack speed is referred to as a percentage, instead of as a plain number like everywhere else:

    Ancient Apparition -- Chilling Touch
    Beastmaster -- Primal Roar
    Brewmaster -- Thunder Clap + debuff indicator
    Crystal Maiden -- Crystal Nova + debuff indicator, Freezing Field (Actually, the tooltip is wrong, especially with Aghanim's Scepter)
    Dragon Knight -- Frost Breath's debuff indicator
    Jakiro -- Liquid Fire
    Invoker -- Wex + buff indicator, Alacrity + buff indicator
    Lich -- Frost Blast, Chain Frost + both debuff indicators
    Night Stalker -- Void + debuff indicator
    Omniknight -- Degen Aura + debuff indicator (but this is more a case of move + attack slow lumped together)
    Storm Spirit -- Overload + debuff indicator
    Tusk -- Frozen Sigil
    Viper -- Poison Attack, Corrosive Skin, Viper Strike + all debuff indicators
    Visage -- Grave Chill + debuff indicator (and the debuff indicator is inaccurate as of 6.76)

    Ghost creep -- Frost Attack + debuff indicator
    Ogre Frostmage -- Ice Armor + debuff indicator
    Wildwing Ripper's Tornado -- Tempest + debuff indicator
    Hellbear Smasher -- Thunder Clap + debuff indicator

    Sange -- Lesser Maim's debuff indicator
    Heaven's Halberd -- Lesser Maim's debuff indicator
    Sange and Yasha -- Greater Maim's debuff indicator
    Eye of Skadi -- Description, Eye of Skadi Cold Attack's debuff indicator

    Hopefully, this list is complete, and with any luck, won't be expanded by future heroes.

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    Both are the same in Dota.

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    Attack speed is a percentage.
    Quote Originally Posted by fletcher View Post
    Just to clarify, there was never any "win rate" calculation. Ever. It is true that a goal of matchmaking is to make even teams. The matchmaker also will raise your Elo and try to put you in players of equivalent skill, which indirectly tries to get the win rate to 50%. However, it has never looked at your historical win rate and put you in a game where it knew that you were expected to lose.
    Is every post on this forum about the Dunning-Kruger effect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmerl View Post
    Attack speed is a percentage.
    Yes, but in Dota 2 it's not referred to as a percentage.

    + 24 Damage
    + 80 Attack Speed"

    Note how it says "80 Attack Speed", not "80% Attack Speed".

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    Yes, both are the same. But it is very confusing to a new player (or even those who have played dota for a long time) to understand that +15% and +15 attackspeed is the same. Especially since this isn't the case for movementspeed.

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    I agree, it should be normalized.

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    There are also instances of move speed being incorrectly listed as a flat number rather than as a percentage (which does make a huge difference). I can't remember which spells/item tooltips exactly off the top of my head, but it popped up a few times during spectating.

    EDIT: Dust of Appearance is one example. It says it lowers movement speed by 10 in the debuff tooltip rather than 10%.
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    This is wrong +15 and +15% it's not the same. % Increases the base by percetange not by a fixed number. EXAMPLE: If you have 200 Attack Speed + 15 AS = 215 AS. / 200 AS +15% AS = 230 AS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellvard View Post
    This is wrong +15 and +15% it's not the same. % Increases the base by percetange not by a fixed number. EXAMPLE: If you have 200 Attack Speed + 15 AS = 215 AS. / 200 AS +15% AS = 230 AS.
    According to your wording yes, but not in Dota; +15% is always the same as +15. Your attack speed value is always represented by a percentage of your base attack time (BAT). The percentages always stack additively. The only thing that has multiplicative stacking is BAT.

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    LxRogue is correct, the only times there have been %increases is when there have been bugs. Like for Centaur Khan's attack speed aura (early beta).

    All attack speed increases and decreases are the same, whether they mention a % or not.

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