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Thread: Allow only 1 language to be selected

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    Allow only 1 language to be selected

    I play on eu west and east and have english selected, and sometimes I end up being the only person speaking english, and it's getting increasingly worse.
    The option of allowing one to chose the language they want to speak was supposed to solve this issue, but it does nothing if you can select all 3.
    I really dont feel like learning russian just so i can play dota, and even if I did they use like 10 words(nahui, suka pidar...) and they got nothing to do with dota.

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    Intel from inside: russians will select english
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    Good, let Valve make an additional report system where you can tag lines with cyrillic in them when you're on the english queue. You can't automate it because "der cummitunty awns da derfitionz of ebooze".
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