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Thread: Drop rates ?

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    Drop rates ?

    I was wondering what are the drop rates. Does someone has this information ? Because I've been looting crappy items for a while and I think the drop rates have been decreased a lot.

    I have 950 hours of playing and according to my drops I conclude that drop rates are :

    90% = common
    9% = uncommon
    0,4% = rare
    0,3% = mythical
    0,2% = legendary

    For rare, mythical and legendary items, 90% chance to get a crappy item non sought after.

    Even in cheast I loot crappy items.

    You should increase drop rates.

    Come on Valve, I know you wanna make profit but there is a limit...

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    ive got only 1 mythical so far from regular drops, and that was during diretide

    maybe 5 - 10 rares in total.

    Wish someone made an "app" that tracks all drops and calculates the drop stats, just like in World of Warcraft

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    3000 hours of gameplay from 2 accounts

    0 mythicals
    5% rare
    30% uncommon
    65% shit commons/chests/player cards
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    We'll they are free and don't give bonuses.

    It's only to intrigue you and make you want to buy more items from the store.

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