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    So I would like to bring attention the quality of recent games. I remember not too long ago, I would play a pub game any everyone got along most of the time, everyone on the team had a decent amount of skill, and games were just all around fun. in the last week or two, literally every game i have played I have rated as low and very low. I understand I'm not the best dota 2 player out there, and there is still a LOT for me to learn, but I feel like I have been sent to low priority with the amount of sheer IDIOTS I have been seeing recently. For example, I recently played a game as batrider (match ID:266814363) and my entire team picked carries. all of these guys spoke broken English, but mostly just spoke in Spanish. At the begining of the game, I spawned, bought my starter items and went to lane. then one of the guys on my team says, "No courier batrider? .l." I then say, No, I'm not a fucking support, I thought one of you guys would pick support." My entire team then says, "reported" if you want proof, one of them says it in allchat. In the end, we won, but only because the other team acted STUPIDER then we did. the worst part? this game only took 1:30 to queue. How can I be queued for a game WAY under my skill level (I'm not really good, but I'm not an idiot), and be with people not queuing for English in only 1:30!!! I really like Dota 2, and I don't want to quit the game at all, but if my games just keep being a "who is worse" contest, I might have to. Valve, please do something to make games like this stop happening so much. I don't care if I have to wait ten minutes to play a game, I would rather do that any day.

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    They changed mmr algorithim recently. Widened mmr spread. So you get stuck with more morons.

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    OP you summarized most of the matches I have been playing recently and my feelings overall. There is SO MUCH(cannot emphasize this enough) that needs fixing in Dota 2 now, BEFORE any heroes or items get added.

    The MM
    The Reporting System
    Language Preference (selecting english, speaking another)

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    If you are the only reasonable person in your team and no one else does, you always buy courier. I don't care if you are playing f*cking Spectre. Otherwise you kinda lose credibility calling the rest of the lot idiots.

    Anyway, yeah, MM is horrible and it doesn't seem like it's gonna be fixed any time soon. My suggestion is: if you're queueing solo, don't ever queue for All Pick or Captains Mode. Not even under threat of death.
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    A matchmaking system that emulates five-player parties based on teamplay-oriented recommendations--->

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