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Thread: Dota crash when i'm finding a match

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    Mmh.. for nvidia drivers, how can i update them? the 304 was installed aumatically at the first setup (1 weeks ago)

    1) yes
    2) yes
    3) not 100%, but 80/90.. since i have this problem i don't try anymore to switch windows
    4) never tried.. i will do
    5) on xfce the screensaver timing is more long.. in fact i've not got any "afk-crash" since i'm using it..

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    No idea how the proprietary drivers are handled in debian, I haven't used a debian system in years.
    I'm sure there's a setting somewhere to change the screensaver time in gnome shell, in xfce it's in settings-manager -> Personal -> Screensaver.

    edit: I just noticed your "1 week ago". Are you new to debian and/or linux ?
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    a bit.. i just returned to linux/debian after a year because the come of steam and dota.. i forgot some stuff about settings/management but will re-learn asap
    anyway i fixed screensaver option and will take a look about drivers update.. thanks

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