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Thread: Revert the secret shop ti3 courier to standard immortal courier to avoid confusion.

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    all this problem with couriers is just pathetic its about guys who went to t13 and stacked 6 couriers each in order to make profit , they came preoard for this from home and they cant stand the idea they got the courier for less and need to wait few months for value increase so they cry and make up argguments claiming hotel food and etc cost more and they deserve an effect, or saying they just want to show ofg and not fair bitch please you sold couriers last year at high price you sold 600% profit on luck boxes not to speak on other items or vyse just stfu you went and on the way tought hi i can get my money back scamming and selling 1000% profit on the people back home stacked 10 couriers but then you saw there's no effect so you will need to wait few months for value increase so poor you started to whine and came with nonsense reason trying to support your argumments , thats a fail , and not to speak you saw an oppritunity to scam people on market when they changed name to unusal and went for it despite the reason you made 1000% profit on luck boxes and other secret shop stuff . you are just bad liers, bad people greedy , you cant have it all thats the way of life and ithink valve should read this and see most of the community do not agree with effect adding i dont care about tags i think we all not , but valve should read this and be in the side of the 97% other precent of their community who stays home just saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightKrawler View Post
    its already been decided, all the couriers will get green effect and 2013 ti3 tag, stop crying this forum isnt ur mother.

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