OK so here are some ideas I've been kicking around that involves replays, raising money for teams and/or commentators, building up brand/team/player loyalty.

First off you would need a way to be able to launch replays from a party so that all of the folks in the party can simultaneously watch the game and speak to each other while watching. This provides a few benefits:
  1. Friends can watch a fun replay together and witness it in full glory as it unfolds.
  2. Teammates can watch a recent game and go over what they did well and where they can improve. One person would have to be in charge of rewinding, fast forwarding, and what not.
  3. Coaching could be done through this method as well. A person like Purge could play a game where they are going to work on showing how to play a support player. Then they can bring players into a party and launch the replay of that game and show them in the client the pointers on playing a support.

Secondly, it would be great if you could then record commentary about that replay for later use along with the replay. This would be used in the following ways:
  1. Teams could comment on a recent scrim game they did and you could get some insight into how that team thinks and build a rapport with the players of the team.
  2. These team replays could then be sold to players who want access to these replays and the proceeds can help build up funding for your favorite teams.
  3. Coaching players like the Purges of the world could sell packages of replays to those interested and people can support the hard work of these coaches.
  4. Groups such as Beyond the Summit and JoinDota could similarly sell packages of commentary that are not like live commentary of telling you what's going on, but analyzing players and moves that are going on.

This kind of thing could then be bundled as a part of Tournament compendiums perhaps to entice people to spend more on tournaments so that tournaments make more money for better production and higher prize pools.

So if we could have this all in next weeks update that would be great. Otherwise.....DISBAND VOLVO!