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Thread: Rank-System similar to CSGO?

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    Rank-System similar to CSGO?

    I really like the Rank-System of CSGO because it shows players if they improve or not.
    In my case i started in Silver IV and ranked up to Gold Nova I. I even got deranked once from Silver Elite back to Silver IV.
    This showed me that my performance was poor and that i need to step it up. So i did.

    That being said, Dota 2 should offer a similar thing and 2 different Gamemodes: Casual and Ranked Competitive, maybe even leagues like SC2.
    I don't want to play with guys who just play for fun casually, and these guys don't want to play with a tryhard like me.

    Has Valve any plans for separating these 2 player groups? I think it would resolve many matchmaking issues.

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    Pretty sure dota would need a rank system of their own. CS isnt particularly a multi role game (or sc2). If you want to compare any rank system then you should do so with LoL or HoN

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