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Thread: Matchmaking Solution: Improve your Match Quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnews View Post
    I gave him a solution that solves the problem without messing up queue times for everyone else that wants to use the MM system 3 times. Valve handed all of you a free to play game, if you aren't going to be grateful for the work they've put into it then go play something else.
    Personally, I don't care to have to find 4 other people and coordinate schedules to play. I like to just open up the game, and queue up without having to make it into some big deal trying to gather everyone together. But I do understand that this can be a solution, just not one I care to consider because I like to play Dota 2 casually/for fun (but please don't confuse this with not caring if the games are fairly matched).

    I also don't feel good about abandoning games I don't think are fair because of course everyone will need to re-queue, but it saves me so much frustration in the long run. It's not a very good feeling supporting your hard carry for 30 minutes only to find out it's his first time playing that particular hero after questioning some of his decisions. And no, after over 2000 games I really don't want to be teaching people how to play.

    And before anyone brings up "getting better" I queue in VHigh games, so it's really depressing to play with people that don't know Dota basics or who are relatively new to the game.

    Please understand, I don't have anything against any players. When I used to play Dota 1 using Dotacash I had consistently fun games. Not because they were always evenly matched, but because I knew what I was getting into. I could screen the game/elo's before it started and know if the teams were even, if I wanted to try my luck against a stacked team with some less experienced accounts, or if I was on the stacked team (in which cause I could just leave before the game started). I don't like unfair matches either way, but until Valve fixes their matchmaking system I feel that this is my only option (unfortunately). And for the record, I actually thought they had nailed it in the patch before right before they "reduced queue times".

    Also for the record, I would rather the game have a flat-fee to purchase so nobody could throw "it's free to play, deal with it" in your face whenever you want to offer criticism. I actually bought a beta key when you could early on so I could support the dev team, get into the beta, and have supported them via store purchases since launch.

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    Good advice. I'm from 2 years into the future and matchmaking is still not fixed.

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