View Poll Results: Should players receive abandonment/low prio for any quit once picking phase starts?

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  • Yes, they should be punished for dodging

    236 56.46%
  • No, dodging improves the game experience and is fair for everyone

    182 43.54%
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Thread: Punish early leavers (Dodgers)

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    Avoid games is awesome, now we can't. If I see some idiots on my team, like 3 muted or idiots from games before, I won't play with them, will be another 50 minutes of pain and that's not good when we want to play for fun.

    Now, if you do it ... you end up with 10+ minutes prevented for matching. Valve want you to play with idiots and people you don't want to play with.

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    I will go for YES that those abandon users in early picking phase should get punishment but I don't think that it's really necessary right now because early abandon of game without First Blood before 5 minutes can turn the game into "SAFE TO LEAVE".
    So just leave and rematch.
    That's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidsalter View Post
    queue dodging is a spoiled brat way of doing things, want complete control of the team? party up as 5 and stfu, if your doing a pub search, don't be surprised people won't pick what you want, hell some of these matches i'v hung around for and WE'V won, the people with 4!
    so i agree, this little kid attitude of not getting your way in randoms needs to stop.
    Don't you want a strong dota2 community? There are too many games out there that thin the player base which ruins the game. You want the solo player to thrive so they continue playing and get better.

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    and by dodging you don't decrease the number of game he will make to get out of there, but you'll increase by a lot the time he'll need to be putted out

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