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Thread: "Lost connection" in an offline bot game

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    "Lost connection" in an offline bot game

    My internet was down so I decided to play a game against bots. During the game I got thrown out with a "lost connection to Steam" error. I alt+tabbed and found out that my internet was back up again. This has happened to me multiple times and I always get the "lost connection to Steam" error when I reconnect.

    1) Disconnect from the Internet while Dota 2 is running or disconnect, set Steam to offline mode and then launch Dota 2.
    2) Start a game with bots.
    3) Reconnect to the Internet and you will be thrown out of the game with a "lost connection to Steam" error.

    The offline game should continue regardless of whether you reconnected or not.

    This is especially enfuriating, because you can't reconnect to a bot game. Once this error pops all of your progress there is simply gone.

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    Confirmed !! Same thing happened with me

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    Any official response on the issue? Should I move this thread to gameplay bugs?

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    Steam Offline mode+ Playing dota2 offline with bot + Internet working = Disconnect no steam log-on

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    Sv_lan 1 for offline match

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    same problem here right now my internet keeps disconnecting ISP issue
    i tried to play some offline games with bots started steam in offline mode started game with bots
    guess what i keep getting disconnects no steam logon i mean seriously wtf valve ?

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    Almost the same happened with me except that I am behind a proxy sometimes that blocks steam connection. When a bot match is started in steam offline mode it kicks you from the match when an internet connection is recognised on the system.

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