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Thread: Almost every match I've played on the Korean server lately has been a complete stomp.

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    Almost every match I've played on the Korean server lately has been a complete stomp.

    See the title.

    Every time I play on the Korean server over the past few weeks, my team completely fails in every way in every lane. It's completely ridiculous and it makes my blood boil. Not just because my teammates fail so hard (I'm sure they're trying their best), but because I myself am failing so hard in these games.

    It's just so ridiculous that I have resorted to purposefully abandoning these terrible 노답 matches just so that I can play in the low priority pool simply because the games there are more evenly balanced.

    Tonight, for example, I have played four 노답 games in a row. Not only is everything my teammates do wrong, but everything I do is completely wrong. I am just failing so hard and I cannot do anything right.

    Yet when I play on any other server I can hold my own and have a balanced game of some kind.

    Recent example replay ids, newer to older: 285497051 , 285350502 , 285393337 , 285446167 , 273120267

    The first two in particular feature many instances of me dying with my opponents all escaping with one or two right clicks of health. It's just so frustrating and yet this kind of thing seems to happen ALL the time in these 노답 games.

    I really need some help here. I have no idea why this is happening.
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    honey, spectrum in korea server is narrow.
    it is just closed beta. all noobs from LoL to seek some new fun.
    just team up with your friends in korea. if you dont have some? add me. ill introduce you to my friends. they all speak english, all foreigns in korea server.

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    I disagree. I've been having a lot of really fun games in the very high skill bracket out here, a lot of the pro teams have beta keys and will queue up during the week. It feels good to steal a game off of them and then chant USA USA USA in chat after you win.

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    well, It is Beta service for now. I guess you have encountered some disastrous matches with newbie players in Korean Server.
    Like choi9123 mentioned above, it is best to try out with close friends or wait until the beta service is over.

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    can you help me create an account on korean server?

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    Hey, creepted
    I can help you with that - but beta ends tomorrow fyi. So it might just be useful to wait? Not sure.
    Anyways, I'll see what I can do. Add me on steam: urbangoose

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    Hey guys,

    i've been to korea now for 2 months, and playing on the SEA server really sucks,
    the ping is aweful
    i heard you have to make a nexxon account to play dota here, is that correct?
    Sadly their homepage is in korean, and mine sucks pretty hard
    anyone here who can/wants to help me?

    best regards

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