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Thread: The existence of Alt text in tooltips should be made more apparent

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    The existence of Alt text in tooltips should be made more apparent

    As far as I know, the fact that players can hold Alt while viewing tooltips to bring up additional information isn't mentioned anywhere within the game client. I often meet users who are not aware of this feature.

    The way I see it, there are two solutions to this problem:

    1. At the bottom of each tooltip that has Alt text, write "Hold Alt for more information" in a small green font (or something to that effect). This is my solution of choice.

    2. Mention Alt text in an existing or upcoming tutorial.

    I don't think a feature this important should be hidden unless spread by word of mouth, so I hope to see many players using it soon to help them improve!

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    I agree, this feature is really useful and yet a lot of players are unaware of it's existence.

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    Some of them are wrong, -1 until they fix them, +1 when they are fixed.

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    wow i didnt know with 2000 games on my account lmao

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    Only found out recently too. 1500+ games.

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    1000+ games, first I've heard of this.

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