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Thread: Patch Aniticipation Station 7/28/13

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam1960 View Post
    It's simple: they don't release any hero because they dont have it done yet. I don't know how hard is to translate a 3d model ( with its textures, animations, etc) to the game. All i know is that if u put 1 guy in each part -for example 1 guy models, 1 guy animates and the other 1 do the textures, etc- it could be done in a week or 2
    Just Lol. Animation itself could take at least 2 weeks and thats asuming theyll make corrections, animation itself might not be the hardest but is very time consuming, if you want polished animation it could easily get to 3-4 weeks ( if one person only). On the other departments depending on how streamlined they got their workflow and assuming one person per department it might be 2 weeks ( even tho i find it hard) so yeah you could say a well polished looking, moving and working hero could take easily a month.

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    GG go next.
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    Last week did have a patch, refer to: it just wasn't posted in the critical bug forum. Closing this, as there's another (more recent) thread.

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