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Thread: [Suggestion] Meepo f1-f5 keys working like they did in Dota 1

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    [Suggestion] Meepo f1-f5 keys working like they did in Dota 1

    I am an avid meepo player both in dota 2 and in dota 1. He's my favorite hero by far, but his hotkey setup in dota 2 makes him incredibly hard to use comparitively- you can't just press f1, f2, f3, f4, or f5 to select your meepos like you can in dota 1, you have to either hotkey them manually or select them individually. It makes the hero much harder to control. Would there be any way to add in a hotkey customization option that allows for changing the f-keys to allow for this?

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    You can assign your meepo or other contorted units by selecting them and clicking ctrl and number from 0 - 9 (look at settings). Additional you can use tab to change unit if you got for example 2 meepos in group.

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