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Thread: [Confirmed] Skeleton King failing to respawn

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    also have this problem, many skills dont work with excact amount of mana, you need 1 extra.

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    probably related to the games rounding issues and visual bugs where creeps display inaccurate hp until the following frame.

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    rouding issue for 1 mana ok, but for 2 point of mana ?

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    I have some new informations about this problem. I have a way to reproduce it easily and also I have some proofs that the problem come from server lag . Use LC spell Pres the attack (pta) instead of SK ulti. First of all , play a normal server game (not bot training) and cast few spells until LC get low mana. Wait until he reaches the mana required for pta (only the minimum required) and once he get mana enough immediately press the hotkey of the spell (twice if you want to cast it on you , but really rapid twice push). You will get the message no mana enough. That will be true only on server game NOT on local bot game , which suggest a lag issue. Also fast mana regen hide the problem !
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    I can only mention that a lot of this stuff is client-sided. So the devs should first check if it is the cause.

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    how did you know he had 140? maybe he had 139.9999999 so you can be sure that he hit 140 "directly" before death.

    Edit: nevermind I think this has been discussed sorry!

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    bump cuz i lost a game with this bug

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