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Thread: Dazzle: Shallow Grave

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    Dazzle: Shallow Grave

    The tool tip for Shallow grave does not indicate the cast range. Lvl 1 shallow grave has very short cast range, lvl 4 is huge, this is not a problem but the tool tip probably should be updated to include the range information.

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    Agreed to this, but in addition, I believe all of Dazzle's tooltips need a bit more information added to the tooltip.

    For his first skill "Poison Touch", it says no where in the skill tooltip the amount of slow % at each level or the stun duration or level required for it.
    The current tooltip for it is "Casts a poisonous spell on an enemy unit, causing damage and slowness over time, and eventual paralysis" but it says no where that for the first rank of the skill, the slow is only 33%, at rank 2 the slow is 33% THEN 66%, and finally at rank 3 and 4 it becomes 33%, 66% then a 1 second stun. Unless you had played DotA before, you would almost have no idea for the functionality of this skill.

    On his "Shallow Grave" (as the OP stated) it says no where in the skill anything about an increased cast range, which is actually fairly important because the cast range pretty much triples from the rank 1 version to the rank 4 version. I think this should be stated.

    While his "Shadow Wave" skill is fairly well described, I THINK it should be added that Dazzle himself is always healed and does NOT count towards the total number of heals. Also I believe that it should say somewhere on the skill that this deals PHYSICAL damage because normally you would think it does magical since it is a magic spell, however it does physical and I think it should be stated (meh).

    His ult "Weave" is also fairly well worded however I think most people (including myself when I first played him and used his ult a few times in DotA1) think that his ult is a skill you cast at a certain location and anyone that walks in or out of that area gets the buff or debuff. I think it should state somewhere on the tooltip that it gives Allies a BUFF and Enemies a DEBUFF in the selected area UPON CAST, this might help clear up confusion as to how to use this skill correctly.
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