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Thread: 500 matches limitation?

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    the first match set you get, take the last match from that set, take the match id and start time and provide the next request with date_max = <last match start time> and match_id = <last match id>.

    But i got a question, I do the above technique, and i get proper results when i provide the account_id too, but not in retrieving the complete match history, i.e without the account_id parameter.

    Any one got any idea? am i going wrong somewhere?
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    Please see the below examples:<key>&match_id=387574775<key>&language=en_gb&format=json&start_at_mat ch_id=387574775&date_max=1384645676

    The call to GetMatchHistory above returns no results. The suggestion was in order to receive a full list you need to provide a match ID and the result from start_time of that match (as in the example above).

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Just checked the results of GetMatchHistory again and they are returning now. This API is a bit ropey at times!
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