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Thread: Solo MM Changed?

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    Each game being a coin flip is a good simplification. Except that matchmaking can't always find the 50/50 match and mmr is adjusted accordingly.

    I've won matches without wards or courier. I've won matches with 5 melee "carrys". The kind of excuse that people use for losing, is annoying. You're not playing a tournament with your team and people who trained their positions. You're playing the good old pub that we used to play in dota 1. It's quite a different creature because of matchmaking. What matchmaking does, is that you won't free farm with PA and get a level 3 dagon at 15 minutes consistently. You create an account and do it once, twice, thrice... suddenly people know how to deny. People see that you have only a null talisman and boots. There is a jungle batrider with a casual double kill who gets a 8 minutes blink dagger and kill your team (or you) and get towers.

    That is the thing people don't understand. When you click find match, enemy doesn't give a fuck if your support is buying wards or courier. He will deny, farm, hit you 5 times with no creep aggro, and then kill you 3 minutes later. What you do? You will chat wheel "Help". Complain that a 40 base damage support is stealing your farm. Complain that a pudge who is solo mid against a destroyer isn't ganking, etc.

    People click find match, pick antimage, want to have two supports zonning enemies so he can get a 8 minutes battlefury, want to have a mid hero who kills the other 3 times and then gank your lane to give you assist gold, want people to tp to protect you when you can't fog/dodge 3 melee heroes tower diving you, etc. This is never going to happen in whatever matchmaking system you envision.

    If you're a wannabe pro, you make a team. If you want to be a pubstar, you do like all pubstars do (stack and abuse exploits, solo queue with skill, mid or feed + dodge, etc).
    I'm sorry Valve, but the only way I know how to coach players is with tough love.

    We all play for fun, try hards are just WAY BETTER than you. Read this. is about development, if you want to QQ about your last match (trust me, matchmaking algorithm has nothing to do with it): Click here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaella View Post

    the point is, its VERY possible to go on loss streaks in a proper MM system, so are win streaks. Streaks are just a thing that happens. You can flip a coin 100 times and get heads.
    I'll explain the cylinder theory a bit further, because you missed the point.
    The "side of the coin" does not represent just no-record games, the side is split equally into following categories;
    Patch issues, server restarts, abandons, extreme lag, virtualboxers, ddos, bug abusers, botters, afk farmers and leavers.

    The fact that this cylinder lands on the side and then instantly flips to either top or bottom doesn't make it a coin.
    So 50% chance to win is a fairytale, it would only be true if there was no unpredictable situations at all.

    So you can, in theory, flip a coin 100k times and win, but you can not possibly flip the match 100k times and win.
    Unforseen circumstances will not allow it.

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