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Thread: The Gabe Newell Interview F2P/Retail Question.

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    f2p = more people playing but also means more accounts for people who care about stats so they make multiple accounts so that people "cant tell they are bad"
    p2p = less people playing

    I think that a good ladder/league system and f2p is a good way to go but I wouldn't mind if the price was something symbolic like 15-20$

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    Quote Originally Posted by havoc2 View Post
    Buy to play. I dont want a game were i have to OWN a hero. Thats dumb I should be able to play with any hero depending on the opposing team. No DOTA needs to be completely open. I wont play it if it isnt.
    dude dota will have full hero rooster no mater if it's f2p or p2p

    there is no such thing as buying heroes in dota and there never will be

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    581 posts, 1827 votes. That's more than sufficient to get the opinion of the forums base.

    Let's move on from this discussion now...

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