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Thread: Idea regarding combat music in game cues.

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    Idea regarding combat music in game cues.

    The combat music that typically plays in ganks, team fights and general damage heave situations;

    Listening to the wind instruments and drums do their little 8 bar repeating gets boring in fights. Fights start to get really fun when the music his about 25 seconds, but it rarely does.

    We have all heard the first 20 second phrase in the track millions of times. Maybe a new track, 3 or 4 minutes long could be introduced, and music could start from different places within that track to provide variety. Everything costs money, I know, especially an orchestra. Just an idea.

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    yeah if music would be varying and underline the gameplay i think i definitly would turn it on. i cant stand hearing the same thing over and over again. More slowly and calm music in the early game phase and the faster, louder and more imposing the game goes on.

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