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Thread: disable win/loss music

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    disable win/loss music


    does anyone know the console command to disable the fkn win/loss music and also the music that plays when you for example get hit by Mirana arrow? Lets call it "stun music".

    I dont need the fkn music and put the volume to 0, but those 2 fkn sounds are annoying, because of how loud they are. When I get stun I see it, the screen flashes etc., no need to play fuckin dramatic orchester music ffs.

    Or if you dont know the command for it, could I in theory modify the soundfile in the dota folder and remove those fkn sounds completely?

    Thanks for any tips.

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    I would also like to know this. I have my volume mixer fixed how I like it during the game, with no dota 2 music playing, usually with light volume trance music playing in the background. At the end of the game my ears get barraged by high volume victory or defeat music. Why isn't this considered "music volume?" Console command? Mod?

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