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Thread: Game mode suggestion(for casual play and for competitive)

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    Game mode suggestion(for casual play and for competitive)

    Hey everyone, I'm gona give the short version of both ideas:

    The competitive mode
    -it is basicly captains mode with the game randomly banning out X heroes at the start
    -This allows more strategy(If the game bans out X and Y hero, which is good against a certain strategy, then that strategy can be implemented into the game)
    -it encourages more type of strategy to be played
    -awards creative teams
    -if by chance the game bans some of the "OP" heroes, teams wont be feeling the must to ban those heroes, so their strategy can vary

    The casual one
    -the idea comes from a fighting game(dont remember which), where the game gets some(abnormal from the competitive standpoint) rules:
    For example:
    • all heroes have 300 starting movement speed
    • all heroes start on level X
    • all creeps have X less or X more hp/dmg
    • all heroes's spell damage has increased with x%

    -just a few example, I think everyone who reads this has the idea
    -it is not a "normal" dota game, so playing it tryhard is less of an issue than in like AP
    -this can be applied to mirror matchups(both teams get the same 5 heroes to work with)
    -the number of possibilities to "change" the game this way is infinite

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    any type of mode you suggest would probably have less than 1% chance of getting implemented within 3 years.

    There's still a bunch of modes from wc3 dota and a bunch of mods like OMG and LOD that valve would implement first (simply because people have played them before and they are popular and known to work). Also they're already making their own type of hero siege or some shit iirc.

    So my suggestion to you is, come back later.

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    for the first one you're thinking of captains draft, which I'd like them to implement, but isn't more competitive than captains mode

    second idea just seems like you should play d2ware

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