It's just a personal opinion but I'd really love if the commendation system would be swapped by a UpVote/DownVote system. You'd rate a player in specific aspects like the Commendation system already does but also adding a negative side and merging that into the Match making system. Players who are quick to turn to flaming and spamming chat with insults would get a High - on Communication and would get sorted together in Matches. Players who refuse to play as a team and turn the game into a 4v5 would get a High - on Teamwork and get matched together. Splitting up all the well mannered players from the insulting and uncooperative players. Hopefully by doing this players will aspire to be better people and a little less of total assholes in hopes of being watched up with decent players who won't turn the match into a game of "Who has the better insults?". Just my take on how to improve the community and the game a bit.