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Thread: You should be able to pick ALL allies and enemies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry70 View Post
    Completely agree, It fucking sucks when the enemy gets a killer lineup (e.g Viper,Sniper,Necro, Sven) and Im stuck with worthless dumb bots like CM, Jakiro, ES etc...

    Also you should be able to pick the same hero just for fun. Everytime I want to do that, I must activate cheats and do the "Add hero" command, however for some reason, with this I can control all the bots (even enemys) and it distracts like hell and I click on an enemy bot and he stays selected so suddenly Im controlling him.
    Still better than me. I had once getting this lineup: Omni, Dazzle, Viper, Drow, Death Prophet; and my team most of them are trash, QoP(Randomly selected), SK(Skeleton), Vengeful, Juggernaut, and CM= guarantee lose.

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    I don't mind not being able to choose my bot allies and enemies but this is indeed useful if you want to test out certain team composition against each other. They will probably implement this after they have given all the heroes working AI.

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    Picking allied bots is gone or am I missing something?
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