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Thread: Suggestion: Specific voice lines when using popular items

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    Suggestion: Specific voice lines when using popular items

    As in, items that are often built on one hero trigger new lines (or reuse old ones) on usage.
    May or may not be audible to the enemy depending on nature of item.
    Let me give you a few examples so you get the idea
    As a Heads-Up: I'm not exactly good at this, so if you have better lines, feel free to share them.

    Earthshaker often builds Arcane Boots. On usage he might say something like: "The earth gives you power"
    Blink Dagger on him might trigger a short "HA!" or anything similar, a grunt maybe. Or a simple "Blink!"
    Clinkz using an Orchid: "This fire will burn your Soul!"
    Lifestealer using an Abyssal Blade: "I chain you!" or "Stand still!"
    Dazzle using Mekansm or Urn of Shadows: "Power of a priest!"
    Literally every Hero might occasionally (this is important) trigger some of their moving lines when using TPs: Kunkka: A new course.
    Anti-Mage using Manta Style: "The fun ends here."

    Might be a good chance to gather the voice actors and collect all missing lane calls and add a few rival lines for the older heroes like Lion
    Thoughts on this?

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    More responses! I'd like something like this.

    And if new lines are not going to get recorded for this, at least do the move responses for tp. That's a great idea imo. It should use the more special move lines, not the generic "yes" "indeed" lines.
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    TP lines would be awesome, i love when jugg says "I'm out of here" when you spin TP.

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    I also enjoy when Sven stuns someone who TP's, and tells them to fight manly.Its like making fun of someone because of their cowardice.
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