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Thread: DoTA2 on Ubuntu - native or wine?

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    DoTA2 on Ubuntu - native or wine?

    Hi all. I have one question. I'm arguing with a colegue about native or wine of DoTA 2 on Ubuntu. I said it's native. He said it's working with wine. Why? Because of a folder called directx in \home\caracal\.steam\steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta full of .cab files. So, what's the thing with that? Can someone explain so I can tell him DoTA 2 on Ubuntu is not using wine? Or it's not that native?

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    A game properly ported with winelib can be as good as any other port. In the case of dota2 (and other source games) valve created themselves their own porting framework. They made a few posts on that when they publicly announced the porting effort. If you're interested, they gave a lot more details in a few talks valve employees gave in tech conferences last year.

    As for that particular directx folder in dota2 installations it's merely an oversight in the dota2 installer config. It's not the only linux game who comes with windows specific file, I guess valve doesn't care much about uploading a few superfluous megabytes.

    Another point of note is that when a game is ported with winelib there is no reason for it to carry a bunch of directx installers/patches because it uses wine's own implementation of directx. Mixing in microsoft's DLLs would just result in chaos (i.e. crashes)
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    Go to the Github and you'll notice all the talk about OpenGL. Wine would still be using DirectX, so there would be no discussion about OpenGL if it was running through wine.
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