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Thread: Omniknight's red color bug?

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    Omniknight's red color bug?


    not sure if it's a color bug or a slow transition to a red omniknight

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    Valve has been trying to push a red colour scheme on Omniknight for quite some time now, but meets a lot of opposition any time when hints of it shows up. We had this one back in January:

    The portrait that appears in the image you posted showed up 2 or so months ago, prior to the International. It would seem that they have that color scheme completely ready behind the scenes, hence why it appears in item icons. I already have it documented in the Cosmetics bugs list.
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    My question is: Why did they reduce the color effect on Omni? I custom made my set BLUE intense... and after the "improved the cloth" items, my Omni is now less BLUE. WHY?
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    Red color on utterly stupid.
    Blue really fits him and his cosmetics look awesome in blue.
    Now that they've changed it to red it looks really REALLY bad.
    What's next, red Faceless Void? disappointment after another.
    Valve, you're slowly ruining Dota with your neglect toward old issues and bugs
    and your focus on releasing more and more new stuff without even making
    sure it works fine. And on top of that, you're changing things on a whim that
    no one ever asked for. I sincerely hope someone in your team is aware of that.
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