Let's say you cast Sleight of Fist on a handful of creeps, then shift queue the Fire Remnant subability (teleporting to it). You'd expect the Ember Spirit to finish hitting all the targets it's supposed to hit, then immediately teleport to the Fire Remnant. This is not always the case, however.

From testing it a little bit it seems as if there are 4 or less targets, then it behaves intuitively (hitting all the creeps and then teleporting to the remnant). However, if there are more targets, it hits a few targets, then teleports to the remnant, and then goes back and continues hitting targets, and when it's done hitting targets, it goes back to the spot where you casted Sleight of Fist, not to the location of the remnant.

This is possibly related to this confirmed bug: Activate Fire Remnant should interrupt Sleight of First.

On a related note, if you cast Sleight of Fist on 4 or less targets, then cast the Fire Remnant subability before Sleight of Fist finishes (but without shift queueing), it will finish hitting all the targets, return to the spot where Sleight of Fist was cast, and then there will be a slight delay (~0.5 sec) before you teleport to the Fire Remnant. With shift queueing, there is no such delay. If you cast on more targets but don't shift queue, then it will behave as if you shift queued (teleport during the middle of your Sleight and continuing Sleighting afterwards).