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    Known Tooltips and UI information Issues List

    To browse the list use your browser's search function (default ctrl+f) and try out multiple search terms that might appear in a description of your bug (heroname, spellname, affected mechanic, etc). Searching for substrings is advised to compensate for typos (e.g. "relo" instead of "relocate").

    Notes about magic immunity, vision requirement or disjointness should be given if a spell does not follow this general rules:
    1). Spells with projectiles can be disjointed.
    2). Spells are blocked by magic immunity. Debuffs are dispelled by magic immunity.
    3). AoE spells affect invisible units.

    1. Medusa's split shot shows too much damage in UI.
    2. Lots of spells lacks AOE hover indicator
    3. The existence of Alt text in tooltips should be made more apparent
    4. Buff and debuff tooltip lacks amount of slow/speed-up value and buff tooltip lacks timer
    5. Attack speed tooltip for heroes with non-standard BAT is wrong
    6. Templar Assassin's Psionic Trap does not show correct slow in UI
    7. Thirst has no information about it globality
    8. Poison Touch slow only update movement speed in UI once
    9. Earth Spliter has wrong damage type (its half-physical, half-magical)
    10. Plague ward Poison Sting debuff is broken
    11. Sanity's Eclipse mana burn works on magic immune units
    12. Upheaval does not update movement in UI
    13. Pudge Meat Hook tooltip is misleading in targeting type
    14. Natural Order magic damage amplification deceptively shown as magic resistance reduction
    15. Unrefined Fireblast manacost is not dynamically updated and has no information about 60% manacost
    16. Ghost Walk does not correctly differentiate self movement speed modifier between positive and negative number in tooltip and buff
    17. Sunder has incorrect targets type and no damage type.
    18. Call down first missile debuff slow value is broken and does not update movement speed.
    19. Howl does not show remaining duration in buff indicator.
    20. Hex spells do not specify which creature they turn enemies in to.
    21. Culling blade words order is misleading.
    22. Sticky Napalm tooltip has no information that additional stacks will amplify movement slow.
    23. Firefly tooltip is misleading the way it destroys trees and oddly phrased.
    24. Moonlight Shadow wording is misleading.
    25. Dream Coil has no information about magic immunity interaction and activating magic immunity will falsify remove debuff icon.
    26. Alchemist Greed has no information that it stacks independently and no buff indicator
    27. Aphotic Shield has no note that it only affects units you have vision on.
    28. Battery Assault has no note that it only affects unit you have vision on.
    29. Pounce does not have trees AoE destruction in notes.
    30. Vacuum has no AoE for trees destruction
    31. Arc Lightning has no note that it only affects unit you have vision on.
    32. Venomous Gale has no note that it is not removed by magic immunity
    33. Essence Shift note about when stats are returned is misleading
    34. Fire Remnant has no information about 450/450 vision it provides.
    35. Static remnant has no vision values.
    36. Ghost Ship has no note about its 400/400 flying vision while it drives to crash location.
    37. Astral Spirit has no note that it gives 450/450 ground vision.
    38. Wild axes has no note that each axe provides 500/500 flying vision
    39. Meat Hook has no note that it provides 500/500 flying vision around an area where it hit an enemy unit for 5 seconds.
    40. Homing Missile has no note that it provides 400/400 ground vision +3.34 seconds after death.
    41. Earthbind has no note that it has 300/300 flying vision and makes affected units share their vision.
    42. Chain Frost has no note that it gives 1000 flying vision around projectile.
    43. Venomous Gale has no note that it gives 400/400 flying vision around projectile.
    44. Sacred Arrow has no note that it gives 800/800 flying vision around projectile.
    45. Spectral Dagger has no note that it gives 200/200 vision around path and makes affected enemy vision shared.
    46. Both Whirling Axes no note that it gives 500/500 vision around each axe.
    47. Illusory Orb no note that it gives 800/800 vision along its path for 3.34(???).
    48. Shadow Word has wrong targe types. (should be units instead of heroes)
    49. Drum has incorrect type of allies notification.
    50. Small inaccuracy in Endurance affected targets
    51. Primal Split has incorrect note about Fire Element having phased movement.
    52. Agility tooltip is misleading.
    53. Summon Spirit Bear lacks information about bear movement speed and attack damage.
    54. Lone Druid's abilities tooltips do not update values then Synergy is skilled.
    55. Exorcism tooltip does not get update spirits number then Witch Craft is leveled up.
    56. Muticast does not update range display for Ignite or add AoE.
    57. Guardian Angel lacks hovering range indicator.
    58. Dagon int bonuses are not discrete.
    59. Snowball has no AoE information.

    Minor Typos
    1. Typo in Nature Attendants note

    Heropedia and Items Explorer on are outdated.


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