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Thread: Disconnected from server Unable to establish connection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuiper View Post
    I keep having this problem on USe/USw. I received exactly this error; get disconnected mid-game and unable to reconnect. This has happened to me in the last several games I've played and I've been given 2 abandons as a result.

    Screenshots showing me receiving the error while connected to Steam and the Dota 2 network:

    Relevant match IDs:


    This appears to be a problem with only the Dota 2 server as I have no problem doing other internet things while receiving this error, including accessing Steam services. In fact, the client will even let me join the game I've been disconnected from as a spectator, but seems unable to reconnect me to the game server as a player.
    I would just like to follow up and say that I have tried unsuccessfully to play Dota 2 several times since my last post. It's reached the point where Dota 2 is unplayable for me; five of my last six games have resulted in abandons. I've been trying to play once every few weeks since January and still no success, although I did manage to complete a few bot coop games.

    Relevant match IDs:


    I find it very frustrating that there seems to be a complete lack of response from the devs regarding this issue. Dota 2 is a game that I have put a significant amount of money into and it is now completely unplayable for me and everyone else living in the same college campus building. Simply an acknowledgment of this issue would be appreciated.

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    Since steam and dota updated yesterday I cannot connect to any games whatsoever. I tried everything to fix it and it's still occuring. Even when I change server location it still occurs. I have no idea what changed since that patch :\

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    I'm goddamn tired to see that valve doesnt even try to do something about it (or at least show it's trying to do something).
    what bothers me more is the fact that for something is not my fault I have to pay with worse stats (abandons) and low priority games, which eventually will increase based on a greater percentage of left games.

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    lel, just get a random drop and after i tryed to reconnect my reconnect button gone and this game is gone too, i guess everyone dropped. volvo pls do something

    p.s. server was eu west

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    3 MMR matches was said Abandoned because of this problem... I hate it...Valve never do anything... They just say "WE FIXED IT )))))))))))"... But they really mean "WE MAKE U LOSE :PPPPPPPPPP"

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    not only eu and us but sea also have this kind of problem

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    7/10 ppl from my game just dced

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    I am having the same issue, I can search for a match and I can accept, then the loading screen come up...
    Suddenly it returns to the game's main interface with an error saying "Disconnected from the server, Unable to establish connection to the server"

    I have been trying to find a match for over 2 days, can't do anything

    - Restarting Steam and Dota 2 (Didn't work)
    - Restarting Router (Didn't work)
    - Re-installing Steam and Dota 2 (Didn't work)
    - Disabling firewalls and running steam as admin (Didn't work)
    - Changing the region, language (Didn't work)

    I have been playing Dota 2 for over 18 months, never had a problem like this, PLEASE HELP

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    the worst part is, steam won't make this appealable by ticket so if u went into low prior u must get out by ur self, they don't give support for match making leave on ranked mode coz "their system is perfect" or something like that, u can read it on the steam support webpage i didn't invent this

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    I'm going straight forward, Fuc*k you steam/valve.
    Since I first began playing Dota 2, I've experienced lots and lots of various problems with the game's system and configuration.
    First blue-screen crashes, and now this shit.
    I've tried almost everything, even connecting through a V Fuc*ing PN, changing the IP manually and there's been no chance for the goddarn issue.
    The funny part is that you are disconnected from the servers by accident (which is of course not your problem), and you get banned and punished because of that. And the more funny part is that you get an abandon right when you have successfully made it out from the previous goddamn fuc*king abandonment which was the game's gift to you.

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