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Thread: [1011 WEEKS WITHOUT HERO?]Patch Anticipation Station 9/25/13

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    Man, I remember when people used to photoshop fake update pages for TF2. It's been a while!

    Quote Originally Posted by Keowee View Post
    Srsly guys?.........
    Turn on your Kappa-detectors.
    Kappa sensors engaged.
    (ง ͠ ل͜ )ง the unseen postcount is the deadliest (ง ͠ ل͜ )ง

    Quote Originally Posted by The Fat Bastid View Post
    22 minutes since last patch. gg dead game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viSion View Post
    Is terrorblade really getting changed to wraith king though?

    Abyssal underlord was hard enough for me
    Judging from the WIP files, the Wraith King looks too much like the Skeleton King with skin to be Terrorblade.

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