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Thread: Armory Suggestions

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    Armory Suggestions

    Let me start by saying the Armory Update is really something we really needed for a long time, and it's really nicely done

    Only got a couple of suggestions:

    1. Edit Filters interface text is hard to read


    As you can see in the picture, the Rules are really hard to read because the font is a bit too small
    Increase the font size by 1 or 2 and maybe increase the interface by 10-15% to accommodate for this change

    2. Order by: Type Not working properly

    Couriers, Announcers and Wards all apparently randomly sorted

    3. Let us filter items by Equipped

    An easy way to check what items we don't want would be to filter by "isn't equipped"

    That's all for now

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    and make it 8 column just like old one.

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    Agree with the OP. In addition I would suggest the filters only gray out non-matches instead of only showing matches - this way you could still arrange your actual inventory when using Filters.
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    How about an option to avoid duplicates?

    I made a rule for sets, where i manually make a rule for each set matching the name, but all the duplicates of the item shows up aswell.

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