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Thread: cant play at all after patch

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    EDIT: working after installing the patch
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    Quote Originally Posted by BN_Darkness View Post
    well i wanted to wait for the patch to come out then play now every time i ready up for a match i go into the load screen and wait 1 minute then "unable to establish connection to server"

    disband volvo
    same problem

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    If the restart doesnt work then it actually is a problem. Hopefully the devs will find the issue and get it fixed soon (assuming enough people are having the issue).

    Other remedies worth considering are checking your firewall settings, its possible that the recent update has led to your firewall blocking dota 2, so have a look at that. You can also try and set administrator privileges, but I doubt whether that will make any difference.
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    Does anyone else think that Icefrog didn't make this update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BN_Darkness View Post
    restarted router 8 times. PC 4 times. Dota over 20
    PC specs:
    Intel core i7 990X
    32GB corsair vengence
    XFX HD7970 Blackedition crossfire X

    nice pc how much did you pay to build it and what PSU and motherboard you using?

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