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Thread: Visual defects 23.09.2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by betamaxrip View Post
    do you still have the .txt file? it seems like it's gone from dropbox.. Thanks!
    hi guys, maybe you have a copy of the scaleform_encoding.txt file..

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    sir i got problem i cant paste this inside
    i think this its deleted now?

    pls help me
    pls help me
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    sir if you have a copy pls send me a mssge

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    Sir i cant find this
    i think its gone now?
    can you give me a copy
    sir pls
    pls pls pls

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    Someone can give dropbox file?

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    please help me about this
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    can reupload the file please seems like i got this problem also

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yagnesh View Post
    can reupload the file please seems like i got this problem also
    I think your problem might be because your "game screen render quality" bar is at low. Just boost it up. You will find it in game -> settings-> visual/audio ->video,advanced -> Game screen render quality.

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    idk why but new patch sloved my problem

    i am currently getting 30 ~ 40 fps in med text without any extra setting on

    render qulity is set to 60 %

    in team fight sometimes it drops down to 15 to 20 rarely bleove 10 also

    but it is ok

    now i can at least play the game

    What i do is

    Reinstalled my Video Driver Set it to default

    Deleted the that txt file that u mation also some other vpk

    Sorry for spells i am not good in english
    And verifyed intigierty of game cache after update and it is now working good

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    hey, please i need help, i have these wierd random lines when i play dota and load a world... its looks like this

    it all started when i mess around with the nvidia control panel.. any ideas?

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