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Thread: Visual defects 23.09.2013

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    Oh god, me too, plz fix it, I also have bad pixel stuff all over my dota 2 menu interface, like there are little candles lit everywhere, also cannot see dota 2 heroes pictures like presented up there, and almost all of items are blurred, and also cannot see any item in Armory!!!!!

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    Everything starts to look blurry. It's not good Valve. Please fix this

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    Agreed... It appears that most people who have this issue have been playing Dota2 on sub-par graphics cards.
    This "fix", while nice in theory, causes HUGE problems for anyone who doesn't have a super new graphics card or system capable of supporting the new graphics streaming.
    I was just fine playing dota with my low texture rendering thank you very much.
    I'd prefer knowing what heros my teammates are playing and what the enemy team has for heros as well...
    Please fix this IMMEDIATELY. Very, very frustrating.

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    fix this plz

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    After the small patch
    still having this problem :S

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    same last visual bug i had (cant saw heroes icons) valve fixed 2-3 weeks..hope this will be faster lol

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    This is my bug, i've playing dota 2 since a year aprox, and it worked fine, please fix it, thank you

    and i see lines in main menu of dota 2.

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    Was hoping that this would be fix by now since its such a big issue, Valve please D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keowee View Post
    Just to clear things up: does it last for more than 1-5 seconds? If yes, then it is indeed weird. If it only lasts 1-2 seconds per load (i.e. 1-2 seconds in hero picker, then 1-2 seconds when you enter the map and so on), then it is a hardly avoidable side-effect of texture streaming (newly added this patch).
    I wouldn't have posted here if this lasted less than 5 seconds. The glitches are permanent until a fix.

    After 24.09.2013 mini patch the defects are still there , nothing changed , unless i'm missing something they've implemented .

    Please don't make me buy a new computer. "I r no haz moneyz"

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    Same problem aswell. Basically after the patch every image etc take at least 1-2 seconds to load. And after some time it needs to reload again, its really annoying. This affects a number of things: main menu, armory, hero picker (both card, grid view), load outs, neutrals, roshan, enemies / allies ability icons/items, fountain/secret shops, courier... and many more.

    Valve should give us an option to disable streaming.
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