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Thread: Why you still playing Dota2?

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    I don't. I just lurk the forums to see if the game starts moving in a better direction before I start playing again.

    I pretty much stopped playing after dodging gave you a loss, not so much that I cared for dodging, but it just showed where valve priorities are. As in, they'd rather have people be forced to play with entire teams that don't speak your language when you queue only for english, than actually fixing it with something like language lock first and then getting rid of dodging... this being only one of the many reasons dodging was sort of the bailout for terrible games waiting to happen.

    With how speratic matches would be, once in a blue moon I'd get a team that actually communicates and uses strategy and such to win games and it would be intense and fun, then the majority of my games being one way rofl stomps on either side full of bullshit trolling I was sort of questioning why I even joined a game in the first place, and it was because of just mindlessly starting a game of dota from being bored.

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    I dont know how to play dota anymore, i cant play with my newbie fren coz the opp is too hard to them, i play solo queue totally depends on how well those retard player perform in my game, or much more retard player on opp.
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    Play with equally skilled friends?

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    Because this game is easy and is a good group bonding vehicle.

    Because I win exactly half of my games which means matchmaking is perfect.

    Because fun.

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