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Thread: The new languages that got added to the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by iMercurial View Post
    >Select Spanish Language.
    >Wait for 15 minutes for a single game.
    >Finding Server.
    >Server couldn't be found
    >Wait for another 15 minutes.

    ded gaem

    Hoping for her release.

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    Tinker Balance Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by wachon1992 View Post
    *ticks spanish on south american
    *still gets brazilians on his match who ofc dont know spanish nor english
    *spends 45 mins on a game with players who speak a language he doesnt understand
    *volvo keeps making more money
    that's the beauty of Valve's business model; cosmetics aimed at dweebs with bad aesthetic taste aren't bound to any one language, race, ethnicity, culture, or creed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typhox View Post
    If you select no language, it means you have no language preference (according to ingame description).
    Flawed system.
    What the fuck, man. And Valve doesn't fix this, and instead keeps giving us silly cosmetics?

    Jesus fucking godzilla in a polo suit, this is just retarded.
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