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Thread: Update HUD Dragon Scale

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    Exclamation Update HUD Dragon Scale

    Hi, thanks for last update on DOTA 2, 23 september 2013.
    In "UI" update you said: "Cleaned up some extra UI elements present in Dragon Scale HUD 4x3 aspect ratio."

    But i chek with my HUD DRAGON SCALE and it's not updated, 4:3 size have same bug behind the gold...
    Can you take the last version from my worshop? (september 2013 is good)

    THE LAST VERSION: September 2013
    HUD Dragon Scale 2 & HUD Dragon Scale.
    I can send you a link for download .zip if you need for update.
    Thank you

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    PS: Last feedback, new generation of HUD change file name for right lighting effect, the old name was "light_16_10.png", but new name with Dota 2 importer is "light_right_16_10.png" (for 16:10 exemple), but DOTA 2 don't take the new name because i dont see right lighting effect from new HUD in game. I try in local, and i see Dota 2 take the old name
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    If you need, i can upload HUD ZIP for the DOTA 2 TEAM, or PNG file.

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    can u tell me how to make loadscreen ? because mine screen still red like basic one

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