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Thread: Massive Flickering after FIRST BLOOD Update

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    Massive Flickering after FIRST BLOOD Update

    Hey guys, i get this massive visual glitch since FIRST BLOOD update

    its a insanly fast flickering of the hero image and because of that its not possible to explain in one single screenshot. So i decided to do many screenshots in a row

    BE AWARE of the fact that im actually having my hero selected all the time so all this is happening completely on its own NO input is given in from my side


    I hope this is not all too messy, but i wanted the images to be big enough to actually show the glitch.

    As you can see it seems to change the "selected hero" very rapidly (look at the ingame Timer!!!) without changing the portrait. This is completely breaking the game rendering it next to impossible to play.

    I also noticed that it is only possible to skill and shop in the exact split second your "real" hero is selected.

    I really hope i could help and there is a quick solution to this and all the other bugs resulting from the FIRST BLOOD update in form of a hotfix or something like that.

    EDIT: #1 Come to think of it all this might as well be linked to the image-streaming-bugbreeding-mother that was implemented
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