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Thread: Learning through comic relief

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    Learning through comic relief

    Hello developers,

    Dota is very well known for its learning curve. While there are many resources online, such as guides, video tutorial, wikis, and Dota's Quest mode, new players find learning Dota a chore.

    I would think Valve would benefit from teaching Dota to new players while being comedic. Studies have been done to prove that adults learn better through comic relief[1]. Dota characters' voice acting is top notch. The "commentator" items are also very intriguing!

    I suggest an addition of a narrator in the quest mode. Guiding the players through the ins and outs of the match. Perhaps even "guide" the player into a fake bot match. Tell them what they should be doing, and intervene if they are going of course in that match.

    TL;DR: Have a funny commentator (similar to the announcer) in the Quest mode of the game.

    [1] : The Human Condition, Humor, and Adult Learning: Lessons from Shakespeare for Adult and Higher Education and Human Resource Development.

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    i find this sugestion pleasant +1

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    Great idea OP, narration would be nice while learning Doto!

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