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Steam is being threatened by Discord. Discord is growing bigger and bigger. In the end consumer wins. I use whatever I like more (In the last few months I haven't opened Steam at all). Both need to innovate and make themselves more attractive to the users (and developers; Steam cut is really high).
It will be interesting how Discord's game library will be built. They want to become a game distributor. GOG tried but they failed since they didn't have the users. Discord is already the go to chat platform of most PC gamer. They have the potential of replacing Steam as the go to game distributor.
GOG can fuck off. They promised a Linux version of Galaxy but it never happened. They can suck a fart out of my ass.

Discord at least has a client for every platform, even a working mobile one. If they even bring some mobile-kind of games to their app that you can buy and play cross-platform with your PC then they will win for sure.