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Thread: Patch Anticipation Station

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    I bring a little "ded gaem" everyday.

    Hoping for her release.

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give REAL South American Servers!

    Tinker Balance Thread

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    Patch Anticipation Station
    Quote Originally Posted by Noyu View Post
    What a day of Dotes, holy fucking shit.
    I haven't been very upset with matchmaking for a while, but today i went from playing the first match with a known player where i did 11-5-9, to the next one where i had someone asking how i moved my elder titan's spirit. And it all went dowhill from there to the next matches with a drow auto-atacking with frost arrows at level 1 and a naix that did not know what a courier was, jesus fucking christ.
    No, no, matchmaking is working as intended. You're obviously suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect and all the bad people were in a party with good people.
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    meanwhile, no new heroes, a million new russian nabs, no new servers

    keep working hard trusty old volvo, before 2025 we can have dota 1 again!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DangerIce View Post
    My god. There's conformation about SOMETHING. Even if it's something little, we got SOMETHING GUYS
    I feel we will have a big patch someday with Legion Commander, Winter Wyvern and Ember Spirit.

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    how i imagine you in pub

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    so winter wyvern is a pussy meh

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    Quote Originally Posted by loewen View Post
    uh i'm pretty sure it was around a week earlier then that.
    It was, it came out about a week prior to Halloween.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferreira View Post
    It was, it came out about a week prior to Halloween.
    Sure it did.
    Got any proof of what you are saying? Like... Any youtube video of Diretide before 30/10 will do the trick.
    No? That's what i thought :*
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    So to the people who played Terraria, is there anyway to set up a server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaver View Post
    So to the people who played Terraria, is there anyway to set up a server?
    Go to the steam folder.
    Go to steamapps.
    Go to Common.
    Go to the Terraria folder.
    Inside, you'll find something called "Terraria Server" or something similar.
    Launch that, and there you go!

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