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Thread: Alt tabbing while looking for a match is buggy

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    Alt tabbing while looking for a match is buggy

    In dota 2 on windows whenever I alt tabbed while looking for a match it would flash on my toolbar when I found a match.

    In linux mint it has like a 50/50 chance to have a popup in the top left corner saying "your match is ready", but it doesn't always happen so I sometimes don't know I found a match

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    Your distribution and window manager would be helpful. As it works fine for me.

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    I miss 90% of the match start but I don't really mind. I just feel a little sorry for whoever were matched with me and have to restart to search.

    Anyway I don't think valve cares much either.

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    Well AFAIK they implemented the libnotify library. Tried it in Gnome and whenever there is a match a pop-out shows on my desktop.

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    It definitely works for me, running Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon. This is why Valve only officially supports Ubuntu: they can only code stuff like this for one window manager and desktop environment.

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    That's not why, and they can and they do.

    libnotify is compatible with all mainstream linux desktops, it can do so because it doesn't actually draw anything, it just sends the notification to dbus and a daemon in whatever desktop you're running will pick it up and draw the popup. If you're not getting the popup, it's a bug in your distro or your DE unless you configured your own desktop to not show the notifications.

    But nobody is going to be able to help you figure what's wrong with your computer without detailed infos on said system.

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