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Thread: Attack speed tooltip for heroes with non-standard BAT is wrong

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    Attack speed tooltip for heroes with non-standard BAT is wrong

    Actually I found some ppl have already reported it, but I want bring it to the right board.

    First of all, there is no clue what this so-called "attack speed" really means. It may be an absolute value or relative value, BUT WHATEVER IT IS, the values for non-standard BAT hereos are WRONG.

    Example 1:

    Standard bat hero: Mirana

    At level 1, she has 20 AGI, therefore her AP is 120 (just as shown). It may be an relative value, just means 120% of her base attack speed (0.5882); or an absolute number, where we consider attack time of 1.7 (or attack speed 1/1.7=0.5882) as 100.

    Exmaple 2:

    Non-standard BAT hero: AM

    At level 1, he has 22 AGI. If we're consider AP is relative, his AP should be just 122 (means 122% of his base attack speed, 1/1.45=0.6897). If this number is absolute, his AP should be: [(1.22/1.45)/(1/1.7)]*100=143.

    BUT, it shows, AM's AP is 139. I know how they get this number, though: they just use the equation 1.7/1.45*100+22, which has NO actual MEANING at all. Because you CAN'T just transform difference of BAT into purely percent AP, in this case, (1.7/1.45-1)*100~=17. the more IAS you got, the more absolute attack speed you will gain from a lower BAT, the benefit is not constant as just 17.
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    There's a AS limit, same with MS limit (i didn't read your post just saying), in any means either it's bugged or it's based on warcraft 3's several different attack types etc.

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    For those of you that did not understand this wall of text:

    This is lvl 1 troll warlord in ranged form.

    He has 21 agility and 121 attack speed. Every thing is fine.

    This is in melee form:

    His attack speed changed to 131. It should remain as 121 since Base Attack Time does not directly affect attack speed

    Confirmed and added.

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    This is still bugged. Also, since now AS is displayed by default, it's more confusing than before.

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