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People ... Stats not recorded means: If you have a strange modifier on an item the stats wont be added. The game wont be counted in your win/lose ratio (% or what ever you call it). Even if its shown in the list as a loss that means nothing. Same can be told for lobby games. It tells loss , but you don't have 1 more loss added to the counter... Trying to prove the opposite is kind of stupid , sense everyone that played this game for a long time knows that. Yeah there was a bug with last years Frostivus where in the start games were counted , but they fixed that asap. And even if there is a bug like that they would fix it. Does it matter that much if you have 2 more lost games? Play the game for fun , not for stupid stats and hats >.>

Wrong on so many fronts. Try again next time ok chief?

Back when this happened, the other team took an abandon in under 5 mins. Game said no stats would be recorded. Upon exiting the game I had both a "loss" which is fine, and an increase to the total loss games in my tally.

My team did not suffer the abandon and so the loss was randomly assigned based on the order the players left the game. Obviously we all left first.

To not report possible glitches is bad form, so your comment on stats and hats is about as stupid as it gets.