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Thread: commend bug

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    Oct 2012
    This should've been fixed last week.

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    i received 1+ new commend for friendly but no other ones in the past week.. even though i asked to test it again and no other commends came through yet.. i will keep playing and see if i get any more and post here.. thank you

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    2 same problem here, please help me.

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    I too suffer from the same. Its been a couple of days now maybe more than a week since I received any commends. It just doesn't add up. People have been commending but I cant see them.


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    i remembered that i said i would post another reply when i get more commends, so i am letting you know that it is still working i received 3 more commends since my previous reply. thank you very much!

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    Doesn't any one want to reply?

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    Yep same here, also wrong names will be selected instead of the right ones.

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    I registered to make an account here to report that I am having problem on my account getting any commends..
    A few players have told me they gave me a commend or two, but I did not see any registering.
    Was hoping a dev or support team could help check on my account? Many thanks! Please help.

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    Commends for my account don't show up also. I thought they disabled this on purpose. I think I have received a dozens of commendations in the past 8 months since it's broken.
    @dev maybe you can fix this? or should I raise a steam issue for dota2 game?
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    My item got lost diffusal lance sword of eleven curses and slark sword i dont know what happened

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