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Thread: Abandonment while still in the game

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    Abandonment while still in the game

    I was just playing a match as Tidehunter. Suddenly, after only a few min played, the game showed a message saying I had abandoned. I was still in the game, could play normally, chat etc. However, my hero icon (the one you have to alt-leftclick to call miss) indicated that I was disconnected. Shortly after, a red message appeared and said that I had abanoned, early abandonment, no stats recorded etc. All my gold was then gone, and I could not get any more gold (I guess it was redistributed to my team). I also got an abandonment for it. Fix this shit pls, I just lost 15min of my life since it was captains draft and got an abandonment without any fault on my side. Ty.early_abandon_bug.JPG

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    I just got this with alchemist earlier, 10 seconds in the game it said i abandoned, and my gold wasn't regenerating. i've seen it happen to others every now and again.

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    This happened to a friend of mine, he picked morphling (late pick but it was at the 0:00) and he instantly got abandonment and 0 gold (He didn't get Low Priority)
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    bump, seems like a rather critical bug to me that needs to be fixed asap

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    Same happened to me (Match Id: 336777696). I was the highest level by far and I never left the game, but it is counted as abandoned in my history.

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    Today seems to be a good day for this bug. Had the same thing happen to me.

    Match-id: 336795297 - abandon at 27:23 - I was Elder Titan.

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