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Thread: [Confirmed] DP's Exorcism ghosts don't deal damage to certain units

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    [Confirmed] DP's Exorcism ghosts don't deal damage to certain units


    1. Use Exorcism next to:
      • a latched The Swarm beetle
      • a Power Cog
      • a Frozen Sigil
      • a Nether Ward
    2. Order an attack on any of the named units, so that the ghosts start attacking it
      (the attack order has to be done. The ghost won't attack it automatically, which is a bug for itself, reported here)

    Result: Ghosts' attacks deal no damage to the named unit

    Expected Result: Ghosts deal damage like a non-hero unit and thus require:
    • 8 hits for The Swarm beetles
    • 3 hits for Power Cogs
    • 8/8/12/12 hits for Frozen Sigils
    • 8 hits for Nether Wards

    And before anyone asks, no, Gyro's Homing Missile should not and does not take damage from the ghosts.
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